Hello! I'm Albert Granados,

an UI/UX Designer and

Android & Web Developer.


Hello everyone, my name is Albert Granados. For those of you that I haven’t met yet, I am a 20yo restless and dreamer person living in Spain, in the beatiful city of Barcelona. I am currently studying engineering in telecommunications systems at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

I like to create, innovate, take... I'm constantly trying to learn new things listening interesting people, always looking for options of progress. That is what I'm doing every day now.

I will be happy to take part in some interesting smaller projects.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Design for users

I love designing beautifull interfaces with intuitive interactions and user flows. I strive for pixel perfection and keep things things simple. I'm very picky looking for the beauty of each product, because it definitely means the whole experience.


Code is another way to show my creativity. I'm constantly trying to learn new things about web and Android developing on my free time, just for fun. This is one of my biggest hobbies, because always there is more to learn.

Creative Direction

I'm always thinking about the experience of a product. How will it make someone feel? Will it make life better? Does it deserve to exist? I spend a lot of time on a few great things until every idea I touch enhances each life it touches.

Failure insipres winnersNever be conformist


  • Eat Out

    Eat Out is an app based on geolocation. The app shows nearby sites where you can go to eat. Each sites include information about what he offers and the user can see it before going.


    We are a group of young people, that are constantly trying to innovate and create. We have power to dream, we want to improve peoples lifes.

    Media to Snaps

    Media to Snaps is an app that lets you share directly from your gallery media (photos and videos) with a Snapchat message. It is an app developed with @albocal in July 2014.

    The Groyne

    On The Groyne all the latest news about technology, movies, series, video games, social networking, startups and the best analysis anywhere.

    Blue Manzana

    News portal about Apple. A project conceived in December 2012 with my friends @Alejandro_grra and @didacmg as an innocent initiative to create a blog to publish news of the products of the bitten apple.


  • The Social Network

    This is definitely my favorite film. A fantastic version of the story of Mark Zuckerberg creating the social networking site that would become known as Facebook. I love the soundtracks, the actors and the dialogues.

    Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs has always been for me a very big personal inspiration. This Steve Jobs speech on University of Stanford reminds me why I love all I do every day, and why I have to live every day as the last day of my life.

    "El camino del éxito"

    This video from a spanish guy living on California, was a very important motivation for me when I was 18 and I have to leave Bachelor to start university. I see this video every time I have to take a hard decision on my life.


    I think everybody knows what TED is, but if for some reason you have never heard about it, I recommend you to visit the TED website and see some of his talks.

    Silicon Valley

    This is a very funny and cool tv serie that I have started to follow on summer 2014. It's a half-hour satire of the tech world, the life on Silicon Valley and the startups creations. I recommend it to everyone who love tech.


Proudly created by Albert Granados. 2014.